Why do I have to send you my document before you give me a quote?

Our prices vary and depend on the deadline and complexity of the work. By seeing your document before starting we can assess how much time the proofreading will take and the level of editing that is required. If you have a large document then a sample of around 1000 words will be enough to provide a quote.


Do universities allow proofreading?

Yes they do. In fact, many of our customers are advised by their lecturers and supervisors to get their work proofed before submission. Most universities have a proofreading policy and we are used frequently by universities, academics and researchers from around the world.


Do you write content for people or paraphrase? 

We do not write essays or any other content for people and we do not offer a paraphrasing service.


Do you ask for payment before returning work?

Sometimes we do, especially for a large piece of work. We will always inform you as early as possible if this is the case, so as not to delay the return of your work. Using a permanent email address, such as your university or work email address, will show us that you are a bona fide customer and that our transaction will be honest.


Do you accept work from outside of the UK? 

Yes. We accept work from all over the world. We use PayPal for online payments, making it safe and convenient for international customers to pay our fees.


What about confidentiality?

All documents will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We are a professional business and understand that academic work often contains private information. You can rest assured that only our editors will view your document, and only for the purpose of providing the proofreading service you have requested.


Can you provide proofreading services for individuals and organisations other than students?

Yes. We can proofread and edit all types of written work including websites, letters, application forms, CVs, manuscripts, annual reports and business material. Contact us to discuss your requirements.